Hi! I'm Nicolas

About Me

I develop software applications for the web. I like clean code. I hate kludges.

I love learning, teaching and finding new ways to proliferate knowledge.

I graduated from Cal Poly in 2011 with a BS in Software Engineering. I am on LinkedIn.


Programming, particularly in functional style with JavaScript.

Frontend design and development.

Improvised Theatre (currently studying at Made Up Theatre).

Electronic Music, especially Mashups. I DJ, Live Loop, and am learning to produce.

Human Psychology, Behavioral Economics, and Philosophy. I am currently reading Rhetoric and the Art of Persuasion and just finished Thinking Fast and Slow.


Check out my GitHub for some of my current projects

I'm finishing up an Online version of the real-time card game Brawl and I'm also working on Falling, another real-time card game.

I spent two years as the TA for CSC 300: Software Engineering Ethics. I introduced and authored many of the assignments you can find on the Course Site.

I co-founded Ignite! Cal Poly (Poster I designed | YouTube Channel)

In my senior software engineering class, I designed a UI for a real-time drilling data system (UI Mocks, more coming in a bit).

I'm working on a full reskin of the Webkit Inspector - Pics on Github.

I have a textmate plugin that adds enhanced autocompletion for javascript.